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The updated list of our supporters in Staffordshire

Each new year, we update our list of local supporters and this year is no different! In 2016, we had some great local businesses support the great things we do in our local area. Not only do we provide expert cookery advice, but we help children get in the kitchen, which helps keep traditions alive.   Without further wait, please see a list of our business supporters locally: Stoke City Football Club Our local team supports us through providing a great loyal fanbase for us to tap into and get kids excited about cooking:   Stoke City Council Without the support of the local council, we would have real problems supporting the kids, getting materials and a location to do the lessons. We’re also thankful for their great running of our local area, they help us achieve a stable environment to succeed. Check out their work here:   P1 SEO As a provider for our online presence, we’d also like to thank the P1 staff for their continued support for our project. As they’re very local to us, it really is a help to us that we have the support of local businesses like P1 SEO   Light Ideas We can’t thank Roy and his team enough. They have not only helped us get our Christmas lights up for the festive show but every year do our...

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My favourite Scone recipe

Baking a Scone is half measure science, half measure artistry. As a youngster, living in Stoke, I worked in some kitchens to earn some cash on a Saturday. I shared the kitchen with a wonderful Italian chef who used to make the most extraordinary pastries. Exquisite. ┬áBut he could not make Scone if his life depends on it. I used to come to work on a Saturday morning and he’d be there, near in tears with some flat, burnt, hard Scones tossed around the kitchen. He made it his mission every Saturday morning to get in the kitchen before...

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